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A Peek at Our Week...

Our week was shortened due to bad weather, but it didn't stop us from learning and having fun!

This week Bears focused on sorting and stacking objects and making classroom Valentine's decorations.

Monkey's did some awesome glitter mixing experiments in Science and got their fingers slimy with colorful GAK and squishy pink hearts in Sensory. They also concentrated on their fine motor skills stacking pegs during small groups.

Our Lion's classroom built cities and race tracks and helped Ms Robyn decorate their new circle time bulletin board. They also practiced their veterinary and doctoring skills on their stuffed animals and Ms Jaime. And if you haven't yet taken a peek - check out our "Alice in Wonderland" themed reading loft! The final touches were just added this week.

Starting next week, Lions students who will be attending kindergarten in the 2017-18 school year will have extended kindergarten prep with Ms Jaime during Nap Time. This extra time will help students focus specifically on their kindergarten readiness skills and prepare them for the length of a full school day.

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