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A Peek at Our Week..

This week Bears broke in their new indoor play gym, complete with stairs, slide and tunnel!

With all the snow and ice outside we were in desperate need of some new large muscle activities to break up the monotony of this seemingly endless winter.

Afterwards, it's time to chill-ax on the big comfy couch.

All month long our Monkey room as been engaged in projects tied to Dental Awareness Month. In this activity, the children are matching the color of each tooth cut-out to the corresponding circle.

They also practiced "flossing" the "teeth" on Mega Blocks.

Here's a few of the things we did in Lions...

We matched shapes to their "shadows",

read some new books during story time,

had some interesting discussions during large group,

started our own "daycare" during free-choice, and

during small group we formed letters out of play-doh and performed science experiments with magnets.

Now that our future kindergarteners are getting used to not napping, we have started more structured extended-day activities.

We will make sure to have pictures for next weeks' blog.

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