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What Are You Thankful For?

During this time of year it's really easy to focus on all the things we want or don't have - especially as we are writing those Christmas lists for Santa! So please try to take a moment each day with your child to discuss a few of the things that you are "thankful" for and remind them to be grateful for what they do have: family, friends, food, clothes, electricity, a roof over their heads...

Children are never too young to learn compassion and empathy. Remind them that not everyone has the basic necessities they need. And whether it's due to poor life choices, illness or a natural disaster, sometimes we can all use a helping hand.

Try to spread some kindness this holiday season - and remember something as small as a compliment or smile can make someone's day.

If your family has something that you are thankful for, please share it us! Write it on a turkey feather and add it to our board in the main lobby.

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