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Out with the Old and in with the New...

Parents and children in all of our classrooms were greeted with several "upgrades" to our facility this week. The most noticeable was the delivery of our new larger locker-style cubbies (which we will get labeled soon).

Help us protect our investment!! If you are able, bring a plastic-coated reusable grocery bag to place your child's winter clothing in. We are working on a way to provide them in the future. To prevent water damage, we ask that you DO NOT PLACE WET BOOTS OR SHOES IN CUBBIES! A shoe mat is provided in front of each unit for that purpose.

Since we have had an issue with "stuff" being tracked into the facility on everyone's boots (ie: snow, mud, de-icer pellets) we are no longer going to allow outdoor boots to stay on during the day. We are asking parents to send a dry pair of shoes or slippers to wear during the day.

Thanks for your co-operation!

You and your children have made this one of our best years yet! Looking forward to an awesome 2018!


Ms. Robyn

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