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Sometimes a little change is a good thing.

This spring our center is scheduled to be rated by the Washington State Early Achievers program. My staff and I are hard at work, striving to meet or exceed the highest levels of their standards.

I'm sure by now, most parents have noticed more than a few changes to the overall design of their child's classroom. In reality, enhancements are taking place throughout the entire building! So next time you're in, if you have a moment, take a closer look around...

Some classroom updates were needed to meet new and upcoming DEL guidelines, while others were just a matter of "shifting" things around a bit to provide a better flow or learning environment for the children and families we serve.

A lot of you who have talked to me personally know it is has always been my goal to make some sort of improvement to one or more of our classrooms each week.

Sometimes it's something as simple as purchasing a new toy or activity for a classroom... and sometimes it's something more mundane, like fixing a sink, door knob or thermostat that broke. (I know you may find this hard to believe, but childcare centers take a lot of daily abuse. )

I spent the last few days updating our website with new photos of each of the classrooms so families can take a little virtual tour of everything that's going on. And know me, I'll probably be adding more in the days to come.

If you like what you see, by all means, recommend us to your family, co-workers and friends. We'd love to give them a tour and add them to our waiting list. Your referral is our greatest compliment.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lindsey or I in person, by phone or by email.

Ms. Robyn

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