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2023-24 Cycle Menu

Recipe/quantity documentation on file for all items listed as homemade.

Whole milk served to all children age 1 – 2 years of age; 1% milk served to all children over the age of 2

WGR indicates a Whole Grain Rich grain product, at least one serving per day must be WGR

Serve foods rich in vitamin C  a minimum of once per day; vitamin A twice per week


1  CN Label or Product Formulation Statement (PFS) on file

2  Processed meat products may only be served once per week.

3  Depending on market availability this item may be substituted with one of the following: cantaloupe, honeydew, golden melon or watermelon 

4  Depending on market availability raw veggie sticks will include one or more of the following items: broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, jicama, 

    peppers, and/or sugar snap/snow peas. Items will not be repeated in same week. To avoid risk of choking, steamed vegetables or 100% fruit juice may be

    substituted for children under age two.

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