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Mighty Lions  Pre-Kindergarten (4 - 5 years)


We believe academic learning is most effective when it is playful and exploratory. Our Mighty Lions teachers skillfully weave in academic goals and objectives as they build on what children can do and challenge them to try new things. Through a balance of child-directed and teacher-initiated activities children are encouraged contribute their own ideas and use their own problem-solving strategies to express their own individuality, as well as appreciate the unique traits of others.

Our full-day program and small group size offer the opportunity for individual attention and preparation for elementary school. A healthy balance of academics and socialization are the perfect stepping stone for a positive school experience.

The teacher-to-child ratio for this classroom is 1:10, with a maximum group size of 20. Similar to our other classrooms, an additional teacher is scheduled to assist during the busiest parts of the day.


Quiet Reading Areas ~ Listening Center ~ Writing Center

Creating an active and engaging learning environment is all about thoughtful design. A classroom should feel warm and welcoming when children and parents enter and should invite children to immediately begin exploring with their bodies and minds.

But what about those times when you just need

a quiet place to get away from it all?

Don't worry, we got you covered. Our new cozy learning areas were designed with this in mind!  Carved out within the classroom are intimate areas for one or two. These spaces may be filled with soft furnishings such as warm blankets, soft pillows, colorful books and furry friends or designed to allow one or two children to focus on more complex skills or materials without interruption.

We are constantly striving to improve our classroom learning environments!

Expanded Dramatic Play Area

Our dramatic play area lets your child’s creativity soar! The canopy turns our dramatic play space into a farmer’s market, doctor's office, grocery store, post office or anything else your child's imagination can envision. While our home-like furnishings allow children to re-enact everyday life by "cooking" dinner for their friends or taking care of their very own "baby".

Our Classroom

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