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Super Stars   Before & After School Care (K - 12 years)

School-age children want to feel all grown up, yet they still crave comfort and security. They want to be heard, listened to,  and respected, and have the ability to influence the decisions regarding the course of their day. So instead of just “boring old daycare” our Super Stars program is designed to support their expanding interests, both before and after school.


Our program maintains an atmosphere that encourages flexibility and allows for freedom of choice within appropriate guidelines. Our goal is to promote experiences and opportunities that enhance rather than duplicate that of the school day.  Super Star teachers will provide a balance of organized and self-selected activities where children may choose to complete homework, play games, create crafts, read books and more all in a positive, supportive atmosphere.


The teacher-to-child ratio for school-age programs is 1:15.


Comfy Home-Like Seating Area

Creating an active and engaging learning environment is all about thoughtful design. A classroom should feel warm and welcoming when children and parents enter and should invite children to immediately begin exploring with their bodies and minds.

Our Classroom

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Providing Quality Child Care Since 1992

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